Thursday, October 16, 2008

Twists and Turns

As many of you may know there are always unexpected things that come up in adoption. Our latest twist came with the news that was not new, but had not impacted us until now and that has to do with the Hague Convention. I am not exactly sure what it was but I know that as a result of it, many laws concerning immigration have been changed concerning adoption. What this meant to us was having to do an entirely new homestudy. Of course this is going to be an extra cost and extra time, but it also means more paperwork which is what I thought I was done with, again. Those of you who pray and follow this, please do so specifically that we don't miss anything and that it all goes through. In addition to that, at this point the paperwork will not slow down our getting a referral, but once we accept the referral and pursue the actual adoption it could slow this part down. What that would mean is that I would know and see pictures of my child and it would cause her to just be sitting in the orphanage waiting on us unnecessarily. I am doing pretty well, realizing that the timing is still God's and He has not "missed" any details here. :-)