Monday, June 15, 2009

Approval granted

Yay! We heard back from our agency and the approval was granted. I guess the next step is confirmation that the Visa center received our paperwork, then the embassy in New Dehli, then the orphanage communicates with the visa center there and sends paperwork to them, and then we wait on a NOC (no objection certificate). Don't really know how long all of this will take. Our job is to wait patiently. Please pray with us for the okay to travel by September. October is not an option as that is when the government offices close down for month-long holidays. I have great peace knowing Father is absolutely in control. In the meantime, we are enjoying our summer, swimming, spending time with friends, and getting ready for vacation. Great time of year to need to pass the time. Will keep everyone updated. Thanks for your prayers and support!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Providence bears with the rules of men...

This was a lyric from the sweet sweet song our friend wrote and sang for us at the benefit concert recently and it won't stop rolling around in my head. We are currently living this line out in that we were informed by immigration that there were a couple of documents they still needed in order to permit us to classify Mia as our daughter. I don't' understand all of it, but from my conversation with our case manager, I am getting that there are many bugs in this process due to the newness of the Hague thing that happened and that at least one of the documents they are asking for is not available to our agency to send until we are in the country, I think. At any rate, news like this is not what you want to hear, but I still know God is in control. I am just ready to get my daughter. It seems so silly. She needs a family, we are a family, we want her, so why does it take so long to just pick her up? I know God is totally in control, I am just ready to go :-)