Sunday, August 23, 2009

NOC approval!!! Woo Hoo!

Great news!!! We got our NOC approval!! In faster than anticipated time! We received news this past Friday that the central adoption processing center of India had received our paperwork and issued our No Objection Certificate for our case. Our case has been sent back to the local courts in Calcutta and will go before the judge this coming week sometime. What this means is that it is in the last two steps of the final process. They will check over our paperwork (typical time frame six weeks) and then once that is done start guardianship hearings (2-3 months typical waiting time for this step.) Once guardianship is granted, we are notified we can make our travel plans. We recognize the average waiting time for this process, but we also recognize we do not serve an average, typical kind of God. I am praying specifically for God to do immeasurably more than I can ask or imagine. He is not limited in anyway by the legal system or our rules. I am trusting his timing because I know there is purpose in EVERYTHING He does, but I am asking for miraculous intervention and quicker than imaginable time for the proceedings. Thanks for all your prayers and please keep it up!!! I am also going to attempt to go to a conference in September on starting an orphan care ministry in our church. I can't wait to bring my daughter home and am very committed to that, but there are so many more that need homes, love and to hear the message of the gospel. I long to see them find homes and truth as well. Will keep everyone posted!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Health and case status...

Got some info about Mia's growth and development....she is now up to a little over 11 pounds and is close to 26 inches in length. She is on all fours doing the precrawl rocking thing. She sits propped up on her hands and is smiling socially now. We did also find out that she has a benign growth on her lip that will go away as she gets older. Other than that, she is doing well! We also found out about a second step in addition to the NOC that has to be issued and that is after the NOC approval, our case is then sent to the courts where gaurdianship will be granted to us. It is at this time we will be notified that we are free to travel and pick Mia up. It is excited to think that we are on somewhat of a countdown, but at the same time, I am also weary. It makes it hard for me to immerse myself in preparation, even though I know there are some more books I need to read before we go. I really can't think of a better word than just emotionally weary. For those of you who are keeping up in prayer, that is a definite need. Strength and perseverance so that there will be fruit from this time of waiting, not just tolerance of the wait. We do still need to sell about twenty or so more shirts, but are currently out of women's fitted. We have regular style t-shirts and we have men's fitted. We really don't want to order more unless we know we are going to sell them. I have been given an opportunity to sell my dresses in November at a bazaar for a local elementary. I have a handful made but am planning on making more. I am also trying to get what I have now up on Etsy, an online site where home made goods can be sold or bought. That's all the news I have for now!!!