Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Egg hunt anyone?

Recently, I was talking to my oldest son about God and as I was talking, God began to put a picture in my head to help me illustrate the point I was trying to make to him. While I will skip the background story except to say it was around Easter, the conversation went something like this. "How would you feel, Ben, if I woke you up on Easter and said let's go on an Easter egg hunt, only to walk down stairs and show you that I had put all the Easter eggs in a big pile in the kitchen. Granted they are all still full of treats, but they aren't hidden. What would that be like?" Of course he said, no fun. That is when I shared with him that God has given us an innate curiousity and desire to discover and that He is what is in the Easter eggs. He has tucked these treasures all over the universe. Some are found in books, some are found in relationships, some are found in brokenness and pain, some are found in places that you didn't even know you were looking for an egg in. Some are found in the eyes of a child waiting to be adopted. Many of you know the story of my niece and her homecoming, Josie Love Mayernick. Suzanne and I often talked about how much of a treasure she is and one day I added that she was a hidden treasure. God hid a unique thumbprint of His beauty in her, and it took a journey filled with uncertainty, pain, and faith to get to the point where that egg could be opened and revealed in perfect timing. We don't always know what is going to be inside the egg. Like I said, much of the time we don't even really know that we are on an egg hunt. But rest assured, He has done this very thing. Matthew says the kingdom of God is like treasure hidden in a field and it is worth selling all you have to attain.