Monday, July 27, 2009

Got new pictures and update should follow soon...

We received new pictures today of our girl, and were told an update should follow shortly on her growth and progress. We are officially still just waiting on the courts in India to okay all our paperwork and to issue the no objection certificate (NOC). Still praying for a quicker than normal time frame on this. Will update as we know. The waiting is much harder than I anticipated. I had a rough weekend last weekend...very emotional. I know God has purpose in the waiting, although that feels like words right now. Hopefully half of Calcutta is somehow miraculously coming to Jesus as we speak as a result of our waiting :-) One can always hope.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wait, wait, wait

Well, this part is going slower than I had hoped, although we were warned it could take this long. Right now, the agency is telling us to expect to not be able to go for another six months. This is not what I want to hear, of course. We are praying for miraculous intervention to expedite the process. Waiting for our paperwork to be sent to CARA, the organization in India which will issue our no objection certificate (NOC) which is our green light. This should happen soon, but the NOC may take a while, thus the six months waiting. Thanks for your prayers, and we still need to sell the rest of our T-shirts. We are out of the women's but have plenty of the regular T-shirts and mens fitted sizes left.