Monday, April 27, 2009

Fundraising....the new frontier

Well, for most of you who know me, it will come as no surprise that putting on any sort of fundraisers and all the details that go into that are somewhat of a challenge for me. For those of you who don't know me, know that sitting down to make a grocery list has taken me close to two hours before and I am not exaggerating! Needless to say that this is a huge undertaking for me and any promotion of these two events that anyone wants to do and any help you want to give would be enormously appreciated. The events are as follows: a garage and bake sale at my house here in Zionsville on Saturday May 16th, followed by a benefit concert/silent auction, the next Saturday (may 23rd) with music by Connersvine and John David Webster and of course Brian will be playing with John David. The location of the concert is not set in stone quite yet so I will wait until I hear back in the next day or two to post that. In addition to this, we are currently designing a t-shirt to sell that will of course raise funds but will also raise awareness for orphans and the need that there is to help them. Currently the ways we need help are: 1. Donations of things to sell at the garage sell. Everyone knows that furniture and bigger things like that are the biggest moneymakers, but we will take anything you might think people would want to buy. Baked goods to sell at the garage sale are another way people can help. I will need help organizing the stuff a couple days before and help running the sale. 2. For the auction/concert, we could use donations of things that would be good for the silent auction, whether goods or services. For example, I have started making pillow case dresses for little girls babies to six years old out of vintage pillow cases. I currently find the pillow cases on my own, but wouldn't mind if anyone wanted to donate some they had, or if you find some at Goodwill and want to pick them up and donate those that would also be great. So, if you make things or have a business and would like to donate to this event that would be awesome. We will also need volunteers to help run the concert i.e. people to man tables and what not. We would like to sell drinks and snack food as well, and as much of these things that can be donated to that we can keep our out of pocket expenses to a minimum would be great. Let's see. Outside of these two events, just helping to get the word out and of course a ton of prayer, would be amazing help to us. I am hoping to get a link posted to our blogsite soon for people to be able to buy a T-shirt through paypal on line. I don't know how to do this either but hope I can get it done soon. Thanks to everyone who has encouraged us on this journey so far. I am getting really excited. We are still at the top of the list and waiting for a call. We are pretty sure that the baby has been born so really we are just waiting for a picture. Oh, her name is Mia. Middle name is yet to be determined as we would like to use something indigenous or maybe part of her current name. The name of the concert event Is Mia's Hope. There is story behind this name and I will get around to sharing it soon, but this is enough infor for now. Thanks again!